Medical Insurance

Usually, the first thought that pops up in your mind when you enter a hospital is how much lighter your wallet will be when you leave. In a world of advanced technologies, the field of medicine is one of the frontrunners, and with technology comes cost. It is not uncommon…

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance can be defined as a contract between an insurance policy holder and an insurance company, where the insurer promises to pay a sum of money in exchange for a premium, upon the death of an insured person or after a set period. Life insurance is one of the…

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Short-Term Disability Insurance

As per its name, short-term disability insurance covers you for a specific time in case of temporary disability. You can continue receiving benefits from this disability insurance policy until your coverage is exhausted or fully recovered. Short-Term Disability (STD) pays a portion of your income for a short period of…

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Long-Term Disability Insurance

Long-term disability insurance (LTD) is an insurance policy that protects a person’s income in the event a person is unable to work for long periods of time. Policies can be designed to pay out a monthly benefit anywhere from one year or until retirement age when social security is accepted.…

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Hospital Indemnity

A hospital stay can be traumatic to your health, your wallet, and your family. Even if you have medical insurance, you will most likely have costs that aren’t covered. That’s when a Hospital Indemnity insurance plan can provide you with supplemental cash benefits to use as needed. Hospital Indemnity insurance…

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Critical Illness Policies

An illness or injury can happen to anyone, anytime—and when it does, everyday expenses may suddenly seem insurmountable. Fortunately, a Lump Sum Critical Illness insurance policy can help with those everyday expenses, so all you have to focus on is getting well. Why a Lump Sum Critical Illness may be…

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Medicare Policies

Medicare policies helps cover some costs not paid by Original Medicare. These plans help pay copays, coinsurance, and deductibles for your Part A (hospital care) and Part B (medical care), as well as additional out-of-pocket costs for things like hospitalization, doctor’s services, home health care, lab costs, durable medical equipment,…

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Prescription Discounts Cancer Insurance

Good health is one of the most important factors in getting the most out of life. Beyond simply feeling good, it gives you the ability and confidence to do all the things you enjoy. That’s why ensuring that you have coverage in case your health should decline is important to…

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Dental & Vision Policies

People often overlook oral and eye health when they’re thinking about health insurance. That’s probably not a good idea: After all, people need their mouths to eat, drink, and talk. And they rely on their eyes for almost everything else they do. The fact is, dental and eye health are…

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Lea Grey Insurance Agency provides insurance to protect you from life's uncertainties. We can help you even If you have pre-existing health issues, or a chronic illness, there are plans available guaranteed to get approved for coverage. Since 2003, Lea has worked with hundreds of families and businesses protecting their interests while recognizing one size does not fit all. This allows her to customize the best coverage & price just for you and your family through multiple insurance providers. Call or start your quote today, and have peace of mind that your family is protected. Call Lea today at 205-503-8970.


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